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Farmhouse – Kamo

Jeff Brickell Architects
Doug Pearson Photography
Build Time
14 months

Designed for a couple wanting to downsize once their adult children had flown the nest. The brief called for a modern farmhouse that was easy to heat, clean and maintain.  In addition, the sleeping spaces needed to be separate from the living spaces to allow for early starts and night shift work. This house sits on a knoll overlooking the surrounding farmland with a majestic bush clad volcanic cone on its north side.

The design references rural vernacular with a north facing long, low-slung form. Sleeping and living wings are separated, east and west respectively. Entry is between the garage/boat shed wing positioned to the south. A range of outdoor spaces are easily accessible from the living wing to suit different times of day/year. The north facing veranda links uncovered/morning and covered/afternoon outdoor spaces. Passive solar design principles are followed to allow plenty of winter sun into the house, whilst excluding excessive summer sun. In addition, the house features double glazing, high levels of thermal insulation, radiant heat sources and natural cross/stack effect ventilation.

Vertical pre-finished metal cladding is used to minimise maintenance where it is naturally rain washed. Vertical Cedar cladding in a board and batten profile is used where it is less exposed, or for its tactile qualities around outdoor spaces. The house sits on stack bond masonry/concrete foundations. A sarked Cedar ceiling extends to the exterior covered spaces.